4-Striker Hameir Wright Commits to Washington

Washington Huskies have added the final piece to their 2017-18 roster tonight with the commitment of 6’8 “SF Hameir Wright. Wright is ranked in most places as a member of the 2018 recruiting class, but according to Jeff Borzello ESPN plans to reclassify and join the program in the fall.

Wright was named Gatorade New York Player of the Year last season after averaging 16.7 points 9.1 rebounds, 3 assists and 1.9 blocks per game. It was not clear if Wright had already had a giveaway before the unofficial visit today, but apparently it did not take long for him to decide after walking on campus during the sunniest day of the year. The recent engagement of New York-based Nahz Carter was probably an important factor in Hameir while the two were teammates at the AAU Albany City rocks.

The most important factor, of course, was the connection of trainer Mike Hopkins. Certainly, there was a great deal of doubt that Hopkins would be able to recruit to his old place of trampling New York across the country, but he has already recruited two high-level New York recruits in the first year. This will of course skip several steps, but if Hopkins is still here in 4-5 years it will be interesting to see if he is able to keep those contacts or if the focus is shifting more and more to the West Coast. Hopkins defeated his former school in Syracuse and Villanova and the State of Michigan for Wright’s pledge.

Wright immediately raises the overall talent level of 2017. His class ranks in the 2018 class should be considered a bit lower compared to the rest of the 2017 cohort, but they are quite impressive. Wright was ranked 89th scout, ESPN 80th and 59th from 247 to 2018. The end of the additions of Carter and Wright to go along with Nowell actually raise the ceiling of this class.

The addition of Wright for this year indicates that goalkeeper Dan Kingma is unlikely to have scholarships for next season and will return to a person’s state unless they hear about a transfer at the end of the future fence.

Most outlets have rated Wright as an eave. If that is your main job, you will indicate that the UW 2 point guard, 8 and 3 big wings on the list for next season. This is a big imbalance. It is not known exactly what the Wright scale is, but it seems comfortable to play in the stall and it seems ample time to play power against all except the Arizona Goliats turn shed. I hope Hopkins seen as more of a small 4 UW ball because he already misses small ones.

However, they do not have the size on the perimeter. Crispy and Pryor are either below average for the base, but there is a length everywhere on the wing. It certainly seems that Hopkins is trying to instantly transform this team into 6’5 “to 6’7” horses, with long arms to block the passing lines to try to compensate for the lack of height around the basket.